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All of our classes celebrate the fresh, home grown gifts that the earth and hard work in the garden has provided us. All seasons offer something different that many remember and look forward to use of these God given gifts that nature has perfected for us with dazzling brilliance. We think of these earthly treasure, freely given for all of us to enjoy as reminders that God is ever present. Here’s the cooking class offerings for the 2014 season here at Ashley Famous Culinary Arts.
The Perfect Brunch
This class is long-standing favorite offering from Ashley Famous Culinary Arts. If you and your family and friends love to eat breakfast and brunch, this is the class for you. Actually, it’s great any hour of day! It features Ashley Famous Cinnamon Buns with Crème Cheese Honey frosting, oven-baked eggs in many styles, Kugelis, my take on the national potato dish of Lithuania, homemade sausage, fresh fruits in season.

The Essential Pasta
Everybody likes pasta. You’ll learn pastas inside and out and all the ingredients that go with to turn ordinary into extraordinary, encompassing the whole of Italy , unmistakably delicious and full-flavored using ingredients of the finest quality and prepare them sensitively. Also covered in this class are the use of non-gluten pastas. For summer, we’ve lightened things up a bit, and you’ll learn light but full-flavored using fresh herbs from our garden.

Bread Making 101 to Advanced
This is a 3-part series beginning with the basics of bread making, with hands-on experience in making classic everyday bread and rolls, to advanced applications now that you have learned the basics to finally making your own unforgettable French Baguettes, pizza and Stromboli dough. Due to the popularity of this class, it is a permanent offering here at Ashley Famous.

Entrees and Sauces
If you are the least bit apprehensive about sauces, this class will allay those fears as you learn basic sauces of several types and then it’s up to you to take it beyond, only limited by your creativity. Generally, all sauce classes will feature the main course entrée, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We offer our classes in private, and group sessions.
Rates are dependent on size of the class and a preferred student rate is available for multi-sessions.
Please contact us for all information to book your class.

Please contact us for Cooking Class Party Menus @ or by phoning us at (303)-690-9434

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